The Holiday Balancing Act

Dear Distributors,

Love and Happy Holidays to you and your family! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, filled with joy, laughter, and beautiful family memories. But while the warmth of the season is undeniable, it’s easy to get caught up in the mayhem and stress of cooking, shopping, wrapping, traveling, and of course running our businesses. I know that at the Kante household, the holidays tend to be the most hectic time of year. Family is coming in and out of town, William has several school events and holiday pageants, and Ben and I are trying to keep up with it all, all while keeping the growth and success of SeneGence in mind. I find it helpful, and I think you will too, to take a moment out of each day ( it can be as little as 10 minutes) to relax and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones, or just yourself.

I like to sit down with a pot of tea, and reflect on the many ways I am blessed; my healthy family, wonderful friends, and all of you, my brilliant Distributors. Taking just a few minutes out of each day to reflect reminds us how lucky we are for the things that we have, and allows us to be a little more joyful through all the hustle and bustle. I also love witnessing the magic of the season through my son William’s eyes- our Elf JJ surprises him every morning!

elf collage

Now on to business- be sure to take advantage of the many WOW-ing and booking opportunities December and January bring, as you are likely attending several holiday and New Year’s parties, family gatherings, and school or church functions. Wear bright LipSense stripes everywhere you go, and have an on-the-go tester kit with you at all times. Being prepared will pay off! You might be at a New Year’s party and spark up interest about the staying power of LipSense, or your gorgeous ShadowSense look. Everywhere you go is an opportunity to share SeneGence, a potential sale, and potential sponsoring opportunity. WOW-ing now will give you a head start as you kick off 2015 with new contact info, Customers, and Downline team members.

Let’s be productive this season in our businesses, but let’s also focus on working smart. Find a balance between working your business and social family time. With SeneGence, it’s often easy to combine the two- as in the example above. The flexibility of our career opportunity allows us to have it all. Enjoying family time doesn’t mean we have to put our businesses on hold, and vice versa, it means we need to be more organized with how we allocate our time. Focus on finding your balance and remember, the more you strive to set up your business this month, the more prosperous the coming year will be.

I am looking forward to seeing my Maidens and above next month at PIT Stop Glam it Up! If you haven’t done so already, go to your Back Office and register for the event- it’s not one to be missed.

pit stop jan 2015

Choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!



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Our Hearts Beat as One

It is with sadness that I learned one of the Direct Sales Industry’s long time members, lia sophia®, is closing its doors. From the lia sophia company website:

“We are so proud of building lia sophia over the past 28 years into an outstanding company that has empowered women, and whose jewelry has been a favorite of so many. However, given the challenging business environment, we made the painful decision to wind down lia sophia in the United States and Canada by December 31(…)”

My heart goes out to the Kiam Family and their committed lia sophia employees who I am sure daily served thousands and thousands of lia sophia Advisors and their families, helping them in immeasurable ways throughout the years. I think of the lives that were of benefit from this company‘s existence, from vendors who supplied the company with needed goods and services, to the last child born of their newest Advisor. I think of the bills that were paid, mortgages made possible, college degrees earned, irreplaceable memories experienced and communities enriched – all due to an amazing collection of committed souls who successfully supported one another throughout the years. I speak on behalf of the entire SeneGence Family, our Employees, Distributors, and extended community members when I say thank you for your service and commitment to our industry over the years.

To you, my beloved SeneGence Distributors: since this news has broken, your calls, e-mails, and texts have resonated sadness in our hearts for the #liasophia Advisors, especially as this news comes so close to Christmas. I admire your kind-heartedness, as we really are all in this together, aren’t we? Direct Sales is an industry with a big heart, and it’s beautiful that all of our hearts beat as one for an industry that has given us so many opportunities and blessings. Some of you may also feel some uncertainty about the future, but please know that SeneGence is strong.  The future of SeneGence has never been brighter or bigger. We are committed to our core values of family, stability and security, enrichment, and constant improvement of all facets of business.

Remember who we are as SeneGence Distributors:

Women making long lasting beauty possible

and what we represent:

Products and a career that really work.

Let’s keep it going by:

Choosing to live life in love and abundance … and then working for it.

Love, Joni


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Counting Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving! Although the many blessings in my life are ever-present in my mind, during the Thanksgiving season, I especially take time to reflect inward on all of the blessings I have, and on all of the blessings we share together. 2014 has been another amazing year for my own family, and also for my broader SeneGence family. My husband Ben and I see our sons growing in love and wisdom day by day, while watching dreams come true around the world as SeneGence success stories are being written into the lives of thousands. I count my lucky stars daily that I am able to represent this wonderful company alongside each of you.  Here are a few reasons why:

Consistent Business Growth- SeneGence is growing every day, as women and men around the world discover that they can create a booming career by representing our products that really work. I can proudly say that both our sales and sponsoring numbers continue to increase significantly (we’re talking double digits!) over the same time last year. Once again, we are moving with strength and confidence into a new calendar year. The success of SeneGence as a company is a direct correlation to, and result of, YOUR success as well. The efforts that you have put into your businesses this year are tangible, congratulations! A healthily growing company is good news to all, as we can continue to funnel our success into growing and changing lives all over the world.


Products that Really Work and are Always Improving- I am proud to say that SeneGence continues to offer products that actually work the way we say they do- they are anti-aging, long-lasting, and good for your skin. However, I also take great pride in the fact that we are constantly improving our formulations, to ensure that they remain at the very top in terms of quality in the market place. One such example of this is our new and improved SeneSerum-C, which does so much more than moisturize with stabilized vitamin C. The new formula also protects from the damage of ‘urbanization’- pollution and free radicals that can wreak havoc on your skin. SeneGence will always remain committed to quality and the most advanced technologies known today, so that you are able to represent our products with confidence and pride.

group products from Beauty Book cover

International Growth and Achievements- As of this year, SeneGence brands are offered in 16 countries throughout a variety of regions worldwide, with more to come as people around the world hear about us and want to become a part of the SeneGence family. How exciting is it to know that our vision of a global business opportunity has come true? SeneGence Distributors have the chance to build a global business by sponsoring  internationally, helping others around the world to find beauty, confidence, independence, and happiness on so many levels.

Australian Leaders Conference 2014

Australian Leaders Conference 2014

Especially, YOU- words cannot express how very thankful I am for each and every one of you. To my Leaders, whom I was able to spend a great deal of quality time with last month at Leaders Conference, to the Distributors I have not yet had the privilege of meeting- I am so grateful that you have chosen SeneGence to be in your lives. Our SeneSisterhood bond is one of the most unique and special things that I have been able to experience in my lifetime. Thank you for joining me on this journey to success.

US Leaders Conference 2014

US Leaders Conference 2014

This month, be sure you are filling your booking calendars for the holidays, and into the 2015 year. This is the most lucrative time of year to work your business, with holiday gift-giving and entertaining! Plan now, and ride the wave of success as you benefit through the end of the year and into next. I wish a bounty of blessings and happiness to you and your families for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Until next time my Lovelies, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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Love and Leadership

Hello my Lovelies! Earlier this month, SeneGence Leaders from around the country joined together in Dallas, Texas, for what was one of the best Leaders Conference to date! Let me share with you a few of the main takeaways from all the information and knowledge we acquired while there:

  • DISC Discoveries: From Dr. JJ Meier, we learned how to assess our DISC (stands for Dominance, Inducement, Submission, Compliance) profiles and use them to help our own leadership skills grow, and also to manage our teams and support each individual in our downlines. By recognizing the different ways in which each of our team members work, we can better help them succeed in their business, ultimately growing the success of our own SeneGence business.


  • Public Speaking Skills: From DSWA Trainer Teri Werner, one important lesson we learned was that we need to focus on the momentum of progress that we achieve, rather than getting stuck on the fact that we aren’t perfect. When speaking to an audience, we must remember that they are present by their choosing to hear what we have to say, and are not judging us on the mistakes that we think we are making. In other words, we need to get out of our own heads, and enjoy ourselves when sharing information with others. This is a very helpful thought to keep in mind for those nervous about leading SeneGence Demos; your Demo Guests are excited to be there and hear what you have to say about long-lasting SenseCosmetics and anti-aging SeneDerm SkinCare. They are not going to judge you if you forget to mention an ingredient, or pronounce something wrong. Just be present and be excited, and they will be too. As the saying goes, fall in love with the products, and then sell that love!


  • Steps to Success: From several Crown Princesses and Princesses, we learned about many different habits of success that great Leaders have, from building team spirit to being consistent about focusing on goals. One of the presentations that left a lasting impression was Queen Jeri Taylor-Swade’s, on “10 SeneSteps to Success.” In her presentation, Jeri outlined 10 concrete steps that you can take to ensure your business success, and to make sure that you are always growing and learning, never staying stagnant in your business. Jeri recently presented these SeneSteps on a Happy Hour Webinar, and you can watch the recording in your Back Office presentations. Fantastic information and habits to implement if you have goals to achieve (and we all do)!


  • SeneGence’s Commitment to Growth and Improvement: Along with all of the business tools and advice that Leaders received, I believe they also came home with the knowledge that everyone at SeneGence is committed to their success, by consistently improving upon the systems and technologies we already have in place. An example of our pledge to improvement is our newly launched SeneSerum-C. This product has been completely reformulated to perform even more effectively than the original SeneSerum-C. Not only does it supply your skin with stabilized Vitamin C, but now it protects your skin from damage caused by “urbanization,” aka pollution and free radicals. The new SeneSerum-C is a game changer in the skincare market, and I am positive it will become a best seller as you witness how dramatically it will improve not only the look and feel, but also the health of your skin.

DSCN3953US-SeneSerum-C flier

  • Our Unique SeneSisterhood: with all of the knowledge and information that was packed into our minds during Leaders Conference, we were reminded once again about how strong our friendship and bond with one another is. The support system that has become the SeneSisterhood is powerful; new Distributors consistently tell me that they automatically feel welcomed with love into our company, because of how supportive both our sales force and corporate team are. Our culture is one that continues to foster positivity and goodwill towards one another. Watching all of my Leaders during the event, happy to help each other out and showing love and support for one another, was very moving. I am so proud to know that SeneGence Distributors have good hearts and are there for one another. I truly love each and every one of them!

leaders 017

With one fabulous event over, the corporate team and I are looking forward to another: PIT Stop Glam It Up in January!

pit stop jan 2015

Be sure to go and register in your Back Office today. If you haven’t realized already, SeneGence events are each unique, and each not-to-be-missed!

This week, I am travelling in Canada, building business and spreading the word about our amazing career opportunity and products that really work. Look for a blog post about my Canadian adventures to follow soon. Until next time my Lovelies, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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How to Set (and Reach!) Your Goals

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” Wise words spoken by one of our nation’s great leaders, Abraham Lincoln, and they still ring true today. Setting your goals is the first step that you need to take in order to reach them, and sometimes the most difficult part is figuring out what we really want, and more importantly- how to get there. Really assessing your needs and the needs of your family, along with having a plan on how you will go about reaching your goal- is crucial.


Why am I choosing October to speak to you about goal setting? Well, for starters, SeneGence welcomed over 1,200 new Distributors in September during Free Sign ups, and we are so excited for them to begin their journey to success! Secondly, we are in the very beginning of autumn here in the United States, and it is an excellent time to either set or reevaluate our goals, because 2014 will soon be coming to a close. I love this time of year, when the leaves change to gold and red, and the weather becomes a little crisper- it puts a pep in my step! October is the time to resolve to finish out your 2014 year strong, and begin to set yourself up for great success in 2015.

So, the first step for reaching a goal is to clearly understand what that goal is- whether it includes earnings (Downline commissions and sales income), a new car (the Ford or Cadillac SeneCar), travel (LIPS or SeneStar trips) or more free time to spend with your family. All of these you can achieve through SeneGence-these goals are yours for the taking. To achieve these benefits and rewards, ask yourself “In what areas do I want to improve?” Perhaps the answers lie in simple money-making activities such as:

  1. Booking- demos throughout the week (rule: schedule 5 hold 3)
  2. Holding Demos- showcase the product (use the Beauty Book Distributor and Glamour Demo Guides)
  3. Directing- by booking Demo Guests as future Hostesses of their own Demo and new Distributor Demos as their own launches and trainings

Then ask yourself, “What actions can I take to make these improvements and maximize my return?” Begin with those that are at your fingertips:

  • Attend SeneU at the corporate office or take SeneU Online, log onto the webinar trainings every Tuesday and Thursday, attend your local team trainings, attend PIT Stop Glam it Up in January and Seminar 2014 in April
  • Explore your Back Office- it is filled with training and informational resources for you
  • Get on Facebook and join your team’s training Group, and “like” SeneGence International for daily tips and updates

“Am I making progress towards my long-term, yearly goals?” Long-term must be measured in short term (monthly) increments. Use the Weekly Summary Sheet found in the Back Office to stay directed and on track. Commit your report weekly to your upline- they care about your success.

Finally ask, “How should I alter, adjust and fine tune my course?” It’s been said that a goal not written is simply a wish. So outline a professional path, on paper. Use the Downline Goal Setting Sheet in the Back Office to make sure you write down your goals and are always keeping your progress in mind.

Reaching goals takes forethought, agreements, commitments, understanding, and execution. But when you do reach your goals, you will be enriching your life and the lives of those surrounding you. It’s all worth it in the end, when you can look at what you’ve accomplished, whether for yourself or for your family, and say “I did it!”

Spend some time this month to define your goals for 2014 and share your dreams with those close to you, and remember my Lovelies, always choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

I am excited to spend time with my Leaders this weekend at Leaders Conference 2014! Keep an eye out for a blog post to follow, recounting all of the wonderful things we learned and did.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Join SeneGence Free This Month

You may have heard that this September, SeneGence is welcoming New Distributors at no cost. That’s right- zero, zilch, nothing from you required to sign up as a Distributor and become the owner of your own business! I can’t express in words how big of an opportunity this is. The chance to run your own business and represent products that really work, products that change the way you look and feel about yourself, that even have the potential to change the way you live your life- all for free! Not to mention being supported by SeneGence in all that you do for your business, every step of the way, and benefiting from one of the most generous compensation plans in the direct sales industry…it’s an opportunity that you can’t miss!

free sign up sept

Everyone at SeneGence Corporate has been working extremely hard all year to be able to bring this incredible opportunity to you. Believe me, the free sign-up opportunity is not something that we decide lightly upon- it takes months of planning and preparation in order to make it possible. We are so glad that we can extend this wonderful offer to anyone who would like to take advantage of it!

Here are but a few reasons to join:

  1. Our Career really works. It does, and we have thousands of Distributors who can testify to such every single day. With our compensation plan, there is no glass ceiling- in other words, there is no limitation placed on you to how much you can earn. The sky is the limit.
  2. Our products are unmatched. Our SenseCosmetics and SeneDerm SkinCare products are made with the finest quality natural ingredients, blended with the most advanced color and anti-aging technology available today. They work exactly how we say they do, and we guarantee it 100%, or your money back. When you become a Distributor, you will be able to order all products at a significant 20-55% discount.
  3. Our company culture is unlike any other. Here at SeneGence, we pride ourselves in having a culture, both at the corporate office and in our Distributor communities, that is uplifting, caring, and nurturing. We are not interested in competition, we simply want to see each other succeed and achieve goals. You will become part of this wonderful culture, and be supported in business when you join us.
  4. We are devoted to progress. SeneGence is constantly innovating and discovering new skincare and cosmetic technologies and ingredients to ensure our products remain ten steps ahead of anything else you will find in the market. With an in-house chemist and laboratory, the corporate team and myself are able to work closely with our chemist to create new products.
  5. SeneGence is experiencing tremendous growth. In our Distributor force, international expansion, product line, and more, we are growing every single day. It would be my pleasure to welcome you to join us on this fabulous ride to the top!

If you, or someone you know, would like to become a part of SeneGence and experience these and so many more benefits and positive aspects of our great career, please tell them about the free sign-up opportunity. It is available from September 1st-30th, and is a $50 value (but is really priceless, because who else can say they purchased a business for just $50??). Even if they only want to join to get a significant discount on their products, it’s an opportunity impossible to pass up! And, once they experience the products and see how much positive attention they are receiving when wearing and using them, they will realize how easy it is to turn into a lucrative business.

I am so looking forward to seeing all of my Royal in Waiting and above leaders next month for Leaders Conference 2014 in Dallas, Texas. If you have not registered yet, do it today! This event is vital if you are serious about becoming a successful Leader and growing your business, which leads to achieving your goals!

Until next time my Lovelies, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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We are Learning, Growing and Expanding!

Hello my Lovelies! I am so excited to tell you what I’ve been up to these past few weeks- great things are happening at SeneGence! Earlier this month the SeneGence corporate Marketing team put on the twice annual training event, PIT Stop, which stands for “Princess in Training.” This PIT Stop event was focused on marketing and business training, with an emphasis on learning how to brand yourself. SeneGence leading Distributors from all around the country came together to expand their business and management skills, learn how to properly brand themselves and their businesses, and of course make wonderful memories and grow in their SeneSister bonds.


Attendees were treated to wonderful training by branding expert, Meryl Holland. Along with Meryl’s coaching and training, they had an entire day to focus inwardly on themselves- what makes them great, what their strengths are, how they define themselves and also how others see them. It was so interesting to wander from table to table and see how many different types of leaders were in the room. Everyone’s “brand essence,” the few words that they eventually created to define themselves, was so unique and special. One of the exercises they did to discover their brand essence was to create “me” boards. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of, maybe even completed, a vision board, but have you ever done a Me board? They searched through magazines and clipped out phrases, words, and pictures to crate beautiful boards that encapsulated them, at their core.               



The purpose of discovering your personal brand is so that you can properly and correctly market yourself and your business. After all, along with promoting products and a career that really works, aren’t you also promoting the wonderful personal service someone might receive from YOU, and the incredible opportunity to join YOUR team in business? Having a great sense of who you are, and then receiving the business tools necessary to market that is vital to your success.

We gave attendees more success tools by also training them on social media and public relations, leadership and management, and tips from our Crown Princesses: Jeri Taylor-Swade, Leanne Avant, Sheila Young and Lisa Johnson. It was a wonderful PIT Stop, definitely a game-changer in the way our leaders will begin to think about business and marketing. All the feedback has been positive, I am even receiving several “Best PIT Stop Ever!” testimonials!


I hope that you will join us at our next PIT Stop event in January 2015, which will be focused on glamour training. These twice annual events are not to be missed! Attend PIT Stop and you will immediately see how it benefits your business, and continues to do so as you implement the information you learn.

Now on to SeneGence expansion! We had a very special guest attend PIT Stop with us, Michelle McPhie, who is the new Director of Distributor Development for SeneGence Canada! Michelle and I, along with the entire SeneGence team are so excited to expand and grow SeneGence in Canada, where we have a loyal base of Distributors who we are working to develop, support, and grow. Michelle is passionate about our products and career opportunity, and is a valued asset to SeneGence. Here is from L to R: Madison-Lisa Johnson’s daughter, Lisa, Michelle, and Kathy Freeland having a great time at PIT.


If you know anyone in Canada, be sure to tell them about SeneGence’s career that really works. Did you know that you can sponsor people around the world, wherever SeneGence products are offered? If you have a family member or friend in Canada, for example, you can sponsor them into SeneGence and they will become part of your team- and you will be an international leader! They will have the support of Michelle as they grow and develop in their business.
I am thrilled how SeneGence continues to grow and grace the faces of women worldwide. Did you know that SeneGence is offered in 16 regions worldwide- with more coming soon?
1. United States
2. Australia
3. Canada
4. England (UK)
5. Northern Ireland (UK)
6. Scotland (UK)
7. Wales (UK)
8. Switzerland
9. Italy
10. Poland
11. Indonesia
12. Brazil
13. Guam
14. Malta
15. Puerto Rico
16. Romania

senegence map 2014

I am pleased to announce the newest addition to this SeneGence World Map: Malta, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Sicily!

malta Malta map

The opportunity to be an international sponsor is just another reason why a SeneGence career is so unique, along with a compensation plan with no breakage, and a support system unlike any other. If you or someone you know would be interested in joining our rapidly growing, brilliant force of INTERNATIONAL Distributors, the SeneGence family would love to welcome you!

Until next time my Lovelies, always remember to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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