Breaking Ground on New Opportunities!

Hello my Lovelies! Exciting achievements, changes and improvements are happening every day at SeneGence. All members of SeneGence, including each of our Leader Distributors and staff, have been working diligently to support the amazing growth we are currently experiencing, and prepare for even more growth in the future.

I’d like to look back at our exciting Groundbreaking and Ribbon Cutting ceremonies that took place in Sapulpa, Oklahoma in October.


Hundreds of Distributors, citizens of Oklahoma, dignitaries, and SeneGence staff members gathered together on the site of the future SeneGence Midwest Distribution Center in Oklahoma to celebrate a great moment in SeneGence history. The SeneGence Midwest Distributor Center will employ many in the local community, positively contribute to the local, state, and national economies, and serve the needs of thousands of SeneGence Independent Distributors who make a SeneGence career their livelihood. At the groundbreaking site, very near where I grew up, we all gathered around to hear inspiring speeches from several people who have contributed greatly to the growth and success of SeneGence, including Senator Ted Fisher. Senator Fisher has always believed in the success of SeneGence. His support is hugely valued and appreciated.



We were also honored with the presence of Lieutenant Governor Todd Lam, who spoke of the amazing partnership between the great state of Oklahoma and SeneGence. The entire SeneGence staff and I feel like we really “won” with his support and friendship!


SeneGence invited the Sapulpa High School band to perform the National Anthem and America the Beautiful. They did a fantastic job!


Finally, over 50 of our Crown Princess and Queen Distributors dug their glittering gold and blue shovels into the ground and officially started the construction process!




It was a beautiful event filled with well wishes for success and excitement for the future with SeneGence and Oklahoma. My heart was truly touched when I had the chance to stand back and see you all being a part of a dream coming true, bringing SeneGence back to my hometown.

After the Groundbreaking Ceremony, everyone headed over to the beautiful new Oklahoma Distributor Center & Warehouse in downtown Sapulpa to celebrate its grand opening. Oklahoma State Leader and Sapphire Queen Dawn Christian helped us officially cut the ribbon and open the doors.


Guests toured our band new facilities, enjoyed a delicious meal, and danced the night away on our “hoe-down” floor. It was so much fun!




The future is bright for SeneGence- brighter and more dazzling than ever before. We welcome all to join us on this amazing journey to success, as we work towards a future filled with love and abundance!



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Web Improvements, Additions and Preparations at SeneGence!

Welcome to a new, exciting season with SeneGence. With Halloween just around the corner, the winter holiday season is at our doorstep in the US. The time is right to plan for success within your business. What do you dream about accomplishing this season? An increased commission check for your family, earning the SeneStar trip to Cabo San Lucas and treating your significant other or family member to a first-class vacation, or perhaps qualifying for your very own SeneCar? If you dream it, you can do it with SeneGence. After all, “A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline.”

The possibilities are limitless, but you must envision your achievements now, and set your sales and sponsoring plans to see them through over the next few months, the largest two quarters of our Seminar Year. October is the time to resolve to finish out your 2016 year strong with the holiday selling season, followed by moving into success during the first “New Year’ quarter of 2017.

Here are some exciting improvements and additions SeneGence has made this month, to give you the tools you need to succeed:

New website– you may have noticed that has received a complete overhaul in design, with a beautiful new look, better functionality, and ability to be easily navigated on mobile phones! The public website is a great resource to you for finding out and sharing product and program information, signing up new Distributors, and more. Most often, the solutions to your problems and answers to your questions can be found on the public site and in your Distributor Back Office. Invest a few minutes and get to know the new site.


• New SeneService Email program- starting this month, the SeneService email that goes to you and your Customers will have a completely new, modern design that is enjoyable and fun to read, and can be easily viewed on a mobile phones. This new design also comes with more tools for you, the Distributor, to receive information in a Dashboard that will help you follow up with those who open your email. We will notify you as soon as you are able to use the dashboard. The best part? SeneService is FREE to all Distributors- input your Customers in your Back Office.

• New SeneDerm Solutions Facial Resurfacer- for those of you who love and miss the old formula Polishing Exfoliator, you are going to love the brand new Facial Resurfacer! It is a more powerful buffer with larger grains of Vanuatu Volcanic Ash. I know you are going to love adding this product to your skin care regimen.


• Exciting Planning for PIT Stop Glam It Up!- PIT Stop is an opportunity for every Maiden and above to receive advanced business training with a focus on professional SenseCosmetics application. Enjoy two days of training, networking and hands-on SenseCosmetics application this January with Lead SeneGence MUAs. Register in your Back Office now!


With the upcoming Halloween holiday in mind, conceptualize creative ways to market your business and offer long-lasting SenseCosmetics and the SeneGence Career Opportunity. Keep your eyes peeled for this month’s SeneService email (in the brand new, mobile friendly design!), as it will contain several Halloween glamour looks your Customers will love. Experiment with some Halloween looks on yourself, snap a picture, and share on your Facebook or Instagram page, with a caption such as, “Contact me to get a spooky SeneBlends makeover for your Halloween bash. Best part? Your frightfully gorgeous look will last all night long, without smudging or running, and will simultaneously provide anti-aging benefits to your skin!” The power of picture sharing on social media is undeniable. Post a great Halloween look and watch as you get “likes,” “shares,” and message requests to set up appointments. Be sure to also hand out Career Opportunity Brochures and Beauty Books to all of the adults who accompany their Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween. A sweet treat for the children, and a life-changing career opportunity for the parent!



Have a wonderful and prosperous October, and as always, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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Jumping into a Successful New Season

Hello Lovelies!

We are past the half-way mark of our 2nd quarter here at SeneGence, and what a successful and exciting one it has been so far! SeneGence continues to break records as we welcome many new Distributors to our company daily, and our Royal Court continues to expand. Each morning, I beam with pride when I see all the new Royal Court rank increases (in all countries) and the congratulations and excitement that follow on Facebook. Our culture of providing empowerment for each other only continues to grow as the company does, and nothing could make me more proud than to witness this amazing SeneSynergy flourish. We have also welcomed many new Crown Princesses this quarter, who achieved their $1 million dollar teams- many in just a few months since joining! Congratulations to you- I know the hard work and determination that went into this achievement. To all who have reached their goals or are on-track to doing so- you set a wonderful example and are inspiration for all women to see what’s possible when they decide to succeed with SeneGence.

As we wind down one season and move into the busy holiday season, be prepared for exciting opportunities to grow your SeneGence business!

Fall fb Cover Photo - distributors

In the US, Schedules will be changing with children going back to school, and parents will be looking for ways to add flexibility to their schedules and opportunities for additional income. This is a fantastic time to offer SeneGence products that really work to parents at your children’s school, and the Career Opportunity to new coaches, teachers, or anyone interested in additional income and great products at a discount. Maximize your Demo opportunities by inviting teachers and moms to be Hostesses. Make sure to also give them the opportunity to take advantage of the Partner For Profits program, which allows your Customers to share SeneGence products with others, take orders, and share the profits with you! This is a fantastic idea for parents looking to raise money for their child’s sports team or class trips. And, once they see how easy it is to share products that really work with others, they will be eager to sign up as a Distributor on your team and reap the benefits of our generous compensation plan.


Autumn is my favorite time of the year here in North America – I always look forward to feeling the chill in the air, seeing the trees and plants change to gold and crimson, and spending precious time with my family and friends. Get into the autumn spirit by filling your booking calendar with fall-themed Demos and SeneBlends makeovers. Send out invitations now for your Halloween Demo, as calendars will begin to book up fast with all of the school and community happenings during this busy holiday. Keep it simple- offer a refreshment, discuss how SeneDerm SkinCare will protect skin during the drying months ahead, and reveal the top on-trend SenseCosmetics colors for the coming season. As Halloween gets nearer, start to also fill your calendar with one-on-one SeneBlends makeovers to create long-lasting costume looks for your Customers going to Halloween parties. Our wide variety of colors makes it easy to match or create by blending any color your Customer needs for her costume!

halloween superhero collage

Blackberry Halloween


For my Australian Lovelies, Spring is just around the corner, which means more outdoor and social activities! Take advantage of every opportunity to talk about SeneGence. As you are out and about, WOW at the parks, school drop off & pick up, shopping malls, and on your spring holiday.

Spring FB Cover Photo - distributors

I wish each of you a fruitful and productive close to the season. Let’s continue on our path to achieving our goals and look forward to the exciting months ahead. Make sure you are qualified to attend and register for Leaders Conference- it is right around the corner and cannot be missed for those motivated to grow and succeed!

Leaders Conference logo

Choose to live life in love and abundance… then work for it!

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Silpada Sisters in Need of Support

Dear SeneGence Field Leaders and Distributors,

It is with sadness we learn one of the Direct Sales Industry’s long time members, Silpada Designs, is closing its doors as of July 31, 2016. I would like to address this event as many of you have already contacted me with questions and concerns.

From Silpada Designs news and web release:

Silpada’s Vice President of Marketing, Andrea Carroll, says “independent representatives will have through July 31st to sell Silpada jewelry and earn commissions (throughout the US and Canada) …While we are deeply saddened, we are indescribably proud of the impact our employees and Silpada representatives have had on others. We have had the privilege of meeting such incredible people over the past 19 years that have turned from acquaintances, to friends, to family and we wish nothing but the best for our employees, Representatives, and their families as they look to the future,” said Carroll.

My heart goes out to founders Jerry and Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh and their committed Silpada employees who I am sure daily served thousands and thousands of Silpada Representatives and their families, helping them in immeasurable ways throughout the years. I think of the lives that were of benefit from this company‘s existence, from vendors who supplied the company with needed goods and services, to the last child born of their newest Representative. I think of the bills that were paid, mortgages made possible, college degrees earned, irreplaceable memories experienced and communities enriched – all due to an amazing collection of committed souls who successfully supported one another throughout the years. I speak on behalf of the entire SeneGence Family, our Employees, Distributors, and extended community members when I say thank you for your service and commitment to our industry over the years.

To you, my beloved SeneGence Distributors: since this news has broken, your calls, e-mails, and texts have resonated sadness in your hearts for the Silpada Representatives, especially as this news comes so close to summer vacations …. and I hear a little bit of uncertainty in the stability of the industry’s future.

First, let’s talk about the Silpada Representatives. Soon, regardless of rank and income level, thousands will be left without their previous Silpada income and with very little notice to prepare for where to go next. Many may begin to sell off their inventory and begin to look for a new home-based business immediately. Some may simply be looking for a new place to call their direct sales ‘home and community’. Let’s work together to show how we are all part of one big family in this industry and especially how SeneGence Distributors care.  If you personally know a Silpada Representative, I encourage you to immediately support them in any way you can so they can begin earning income again as soon as possible. This may mean volunteering to host a ‘jewelry party’ for them to sell through their inventory or it may mean inviting them to join you in your SeneGence business as a new Distributor. Regardless, please be mindful and sensitive of how each may be feeling with the knowledge their income is soon short lived.  The uncertainty of how they might transition to create another new avenue of income for their families can be, for many, quite ominous. When they join you, individually or as a group (with a downline) call Leslie or I as soon as possible so we can help you properly guide them. We can work together to guide your new leader through the steps to realign her downline within SeneGence so that she immediately replaces (or exceeds) her previous income earned.  If we work together, she’ll soon become a happy SeneSister, eliminating any anxiety of the future – I assure you.

Secondly let’s talk about your future – our future together. The future of SeneGence has never been brighter or bigger. We are committed to our core values of family, stability and security, enrichment, and constant improvement of all facets of business. Most importantly, we are continuing to build on a strong foundation that will last for many generations to come. We have been busy for the last couple of years building a critical infrastructure for growth, better service, additional Distributor support tools, and customer service programs, and now engaging in a massive inventory build to support future increased sales. We are constantly reformulating our products with additional ingredients and new technologies to maintain the highest performing products in the industry …making it simpler to sell SeneGence products and multiply your income. We are improving product packaging and marketing. We have expanded our reach to now 16 countries and working at enhancing and strengthening the branding of our products in each, with the goal of becoming a global brand with the greatest amount of successful business women in the world –  including you. However, it is extremely important to me that we remain conservative in our approach to business expansion in order  to ensure stability, security, and longevity for each of our families. As we continue to grow by quadruple digits here and up to 400% per year in our foreign markets, this strategy proves to be working. I do this for you and your family as much as I do it for my own.

Remember who we are:
Women Making Long Lasting Beauty Possible

and what we stand for:

Products and a Career that Really Work. Let’s keep it going by…

Choosing to live life in love and abundance…and then working for it.

Love,  Joni



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What will YOU accomplish this Seminar Year?

Hello Lovelies! I can hardly believe it is already the second month of our new Seminar Year- time flies when you are having fun and pushing for your goals, doesn’t it? I happily celebrate each and every one of your successes, as SeneGence experiences month after month of record-breaking growth. I hope you continue to be filled with a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation for your SeneGence business, after the excitement from Seminar. As we all look forward to a new season (summer is just around the corner here in the US!), SeneGence Distributors can take advantage of abundant opportunities for success with many fabulous new programs introduced for the new 2016-2017 Seminar year, such as:

• Make It Mine Contest:make it mine collage

This is your chance to create and name your very own LipSense color! If you’ve dreamt of your perfect signature shade, you can see it come true by earning entries with your sales and sponsoring efforts. Congratulations to US Distributor Anna Schweitzer, and AU Distributor Lina Roth who were our April winners. I can’t wait to see you winning in May and June! Anna Schweitzer Lina Roth

• SeneCar “Choose Your Blue” Program: senecar 2016

There are so many beautiful new faces on the road, each enjoying their paid-for SeneCar and there are many more so close to qualifying next! It’s a very attainable goal for any Distributor. Let SeneGence give you a car lease allowance on your trophy on wheels- in any new blue make or model car that you choose. I am loving my SeneBlue Tesla! You will love earning a car that fits your family’s needs. Make it your goal this season to qualify for your SeneCar, I know you can!

• SeneStar Cabo San Lucas Trip and LIPS Bahamas Trip:cabo dreams

Qualify to join me for these trips of a lifetime! Vacation like the Royalty you are, and have the chance to get to know other top SeneGence leaders in a tropical paradise setting.

When you push for these goals, not only will you (and your family) enjoy the concrete prizes that come with achieving them, but your business will also simultaneously grow, resulting in long-term success. You’ll be building your Downline and Customer base and increasing your sales. These programs were designed to allow you to maximize your business efforts and be rewarded in the most generous way possible. SeneGence offers you many various opportunities to improve, succeed, and earn. Together, let’s work to achieve your goals, large and small as it all plays into the overall continued growth and success of SeneGence, and enjoy the benefits along the way!

As we move confidently into another successful, record-breaking season, organize your business goals and take active steps to reaching them. Now is the time to plan your seasonal Demos, Open Houses, and SeneBlends Makeovers. There are so many opportunities that a new season presents to grow your business! Take advantage of summer activities like weddings, graduations, traveling, summer BBQs and more to WOW and gather new contacts. Australian Lovelies can plan fun winter activities like Hot Cocoa and LipSense Demos and Winter Skin Care SeneBlends. Carry an on-the-go tester kit wherever your day takes you, stocked with your most popular LipSense shades, applicators, SeneDerm samples and business cards. You’ll be ready to seize the opportunities that come your way during this social time of year.

Just as you must “water” your flowers to see them bloom abundantly, so must you tend to your business to see it pay off later in the year. Invest in your business and make it a priority to attend PIT Stop in July to vastly improve your business marketing and social media knowledge. Our agenda is jam-packed with social media, marketing and business topicsthere will be incredible events both in my home state of Oklahoma and in the beautiful city of Brisbane, Australia!

And remember, always choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

Love, Joni

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Crown Princess Retreat 2016- All Aboard!

Hello my Lovelies! I would like to share with you the amazing trip I took earlier this month with over 50 Leader Distributors for the Crown Princess Retreat 2016. Attendees for the Crown Princess Retreat are chosen based on the most qualified Countesses and above in the SeneGence Royal Court. They are the most influential Distributors in SeneGence, helping to guide and lead their teams to success. This year, I had the pleasure of boarding a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship and spending 4 wonderful days at sea and in Cozumel, Mexico with these inspiring women!



We enjoyed two productive days of training together on a variety of leadership topics like sponsoring and follow-up, leadership challenges, creating schedules and goal setting. We also took some time to identify new and upcoming power pockets in regions all over the US and beyond. And of course, shared our tips for success and what we are utmost thankful for with one another – a true bonding opportunity!


Leaders training, sharing and networking



Evenings included gourmet meals with engaging conversation between Distributors, both seasoned and new, along with our Corporate staff hosts, including myself, Leslie Boyd-Bradley, Kirsten Aguilar, Carmen Holladay and Ashton Currie.


A fun Saturday in port of call Cozumel created new adventures for all, from exploring the ancient Mayan city of Tulum and its famous ruins, to snorkeling and shopping adventures, to relaxing poolside and enjoying the warm rays of the sun (of course while protecting skin with DayTime Moisturizer and MakeSense Foundation!)


My sister, Millie, and I at the Mayan ruins



Distributors having fun poolside!


My lovelies were ever-present on the grand ship of thousands; for everywhere I turned I could see a Distributor introducing our products and career opportunity to a new woman she met. And of course, all were WOWed! A big Thank You to Sharon & Jada for the “CP Retreat” jerseys they gifted each attendee. It was fun to wear together and made our beautiful group even more noticeable.


I have no doubt I will continue to witness future success and great growth in business coming to each and every one of my Lovelies who were at sea with me. The CP Retreat gave them some invaluable training to take back to their teams to support their growth and prepare for Seminar this coming April!

I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces next month in Anaheim, CA for Seminar “Crowning Achievements!” It’s going to be an event to forever remember.

Until next time, remember to choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

Logo Seminar 2016_for web_lowres

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La Dolce Vita on the Rome LIPS Trip

Hello Lovelies! Last month, Ben and I took qualifying LIPS Trip Distributors to Rome, Italy for the trip of a lifetime. The group included Ruby Crown Princess Kate Trevean, Crown Princess Sarah Copeland, Ruby Queen Dawn Christian, Sapphire Queen Jada Cecil, Sapphire Crown Princess Jenny Hemingway, Princess Jade Gustavsson and Ruby Crown Princess Lisa Tippen-Morris, along with their husbands. My two sons Alan and William also joined the group. It was a spectacular trip, and everyone made memories that are sure to last a lifetime. How special it was to be able to share in the experience with my Leaders and my family! Let me tell you a little bit about what we did, saw…and ate!

Rome is absolutely filled with fascinating history, and it was a real treat to share it with these Leaders. Here is the group at the Trevi Fountain, which is a grand baroque fountain. It is said that if you throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, you will one day return to Rome. I do hope that’s true!


In addition to being our fabulous trip planner, my husband Ben also took gorgeous photography of the sites and fun in Rome. I just love this one of Jenny Hemingway and her husband.


The rich history of Rome is almost tangible in the air, and everywhere you look it seems you see something ancient, beautiful, and mysterious. One of my favorite sites that we visited was the Coliseum. It’s amazing to think that this stadium has been standing since ancient Roman times, for 2000 years! The sprawling view of arches and columns inside the structure is breathtaking.



I also love this one of Dawn Christian and her husband 🙂


We also visited the ornate and beautiful Vatican City and museum, which was a feast for the eyes! Stunning frescos, carved marble, precious jewels and more were up for view. As a lover of jewelry, it was wonderful to be able to view royal and religious precious pieces of jewelry (and gave me inspiration and ideas for our SeneGence Royalty jewelry!).



We enjoyed beautiful walking tours of the city, and were able to sample delicious cheeses, fruits and meats from open-air markets and shops, really experiencing true Italian cuisine and flavors.



One of the group’s favorite experiences was learning how to make Italian pasta from scratch from a professional chef. We made and rolled out the dough, cooked our ravioli and then tasted the “fruits of our labor.” It was delizioso!



It was a beautiful trip, and was made even more beautiful for me by being able to spend time with my Leaders. Ben and I want to host even more Distributors on our next LIPS Trip to Atlantis on the beautiful Paradise Island in The Bahamas. Any level of Distributor can achieve this trip with a little goal setting! Make it your goal to join us in paradise next year. Whether you are a new or seasoned Distributor, you can make it happen by working your business!

lips trip bahamas


Until next time Lovelies, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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